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For those unfamiliar with livejournal

The grand majority of my posts are now friends only. If you wish to read the locked posts, you will need a lj username or openid and friend my journal. Maybe someday more of my posts will see the light of day again by all...

We last left our ant hero Zed...

We last left our hero Zed in his blue goo habitat with three other ants. Two of them were lazy, lazy jerks. One of the other three decided to no longer be lazy and become Zed's partner in the construction of the tunnels. (Let's call him Ned, if only because Ned is still a bit odd and lazy)

Zed did a fabulous job creating his own corner tunnel with spectacular views of Grandma's living room, Zed and Ned also noticed on the other tunnel there was this really facinating blue light to work towards. IS IT AN EXIT?!? Zed and Ned worked for three days trying to dig down deeper to that light. "Forget the other tunnels Ned," Zed would say. They had to find out where this tunnel would go. Had to.

And then the unthinkable happens. Twenty five more ants get dumped at the top of Zed's blue goo palace. OH NOES!!! While Ned and the two lazy ants were thrilled at the new company, Zed freaked out. These jerks were just pushing their way into Zed's tunnel! Who did they think they were?!? And Zed worried that they were like the lazy bums or sex freaks that he was original stuck with. What was our ant hero Zed supposed to do?

Zed did the only thing he knew of; Zed climbed into his favorite deep tunnel and refused to move. Sure a few ants managed to to push past him, but the majority were held back by Zed making his stand. Those other ants used their brute strength to push and pull Zed out of his tunnel, but Zed would not give up. For almost two hours Zed would almost be pulled from his spot and then he would get free long enough to take his spot back. "YOU WON'T TAKE THIS TUNNEL, YOU STRANGE NECROPHILIA ANTS!!!"

The new ants were muttering up above about how this won't do at all. So they quit fighting Zed and decided that the size of the tunnel should just be made wider. The new ants divided between the two main Zed tunnels. The tunnels began to widen from one ant sized to four ant sized.

Zed looked around during a spell where he was finally being ignored and noticed something wonderful. These ants weren't at all what Zed had thought they were. Hey look at that! They are actually working! Hey, wait a moment... Zed needs to get in on this!

And now Zed has become king of his own blue goo. An amazing amount of tunnel construction has happened overnight!

That is the link to the first day photos of my antworks farm. I also will upload pictures later of some of their tunneling progress that happened in a period of one week. I've updated that gallery with all the pictures. Be sure to click the pictures to make them uber large if you want.

Of the five remaining, one more didn't make it. Zed convinced one of the others to actually work with him, and since the four days after I took the second set of pictures, they have managed to tunnel almost to the bottom on one tunnel. I must find my camera to show you all that tunnel progress, and even better... the replacement ants have arrived!!! I cannot wait to see what happens with these tunnels now that there are 29 ants in the farm instead of just the four.


The one ant continues to work like crazy, while the other four hang around above the blue goo mocking him. I thought yesterday that there was going to be another sex orgy death, but I was mistaken. It turns out that I think that one of the lazy thinks that the blue goo (which is also their food and water) is the equivalent of eating fresh puke. Another ant was force feeding him. The tunnels aren't getting a whole lot of progress as far as deeper with only one ant working, but each hole is now well tunneled instead of just my poked holes.

I think the worker ant shall be named Zed.

A silly thought

My best friend instant messaged me stating that she hopes I get replacement ants soon. I have to agree. If it goes any longer, I'm going to have to name the five ants left.


Oh the horror!!!

So the ant that was playing dead in one of the tunnels. I think it did die. But...

I'm not sure I want to share this. I should have taken pictures.

While it was either barely alive, or maybe just freshly dead. The four other lazy ants that aren't helping tunnel decided to have a sex orgy on the dead ant, or the survivors decided to go Donner party and eat the dead one. It was really really creepy for a good couple hours! EEEEEEEE!

This morning that ant is definately dead, and the others are now ignoring it.

So the total so far is:

18 ants dead from squished vial in the mail.
1 ant dead from blue goo cave in squishing.
1 ant dead from sex orgy.
4 very lazy ants that don't want to tunnel, but will terrorize an almost dead ant.
1 ant who does tunnel and wonders/worries about the freaks that he lives with.

How go the ants?

The seven surviving ants spent approximately 48 hours recovering from the stress of being mailed in a squashed vial and losing their friends. Or maybe the others weren't their friends and they are thrilled at losing those a$$holes, who knows.

Anyway, they didn't like my fake start tunnels. The instructions said to poke four holes in the goo, two at 1 inch depth, and two at 1/2 inch depth. I spent the next day or so repeatedly poking at the holes trying to make them a bit wider because harvester ants are big ugly suckers.

In the process of poking one hole bigger, one of the seven died of squishing, or because of a blue goo cave in. I then accidently poked him deep in the hole. One ant spent a good 24 hours stuck in another hole pretending to be dead... but apparently not so dead.

I did however manage to poke the holes big enough to gain interest in digging. Of the six remaining pioneers, only one likes to do any work, and has managed to dig the dead ant out of the tunnel and make further depth to the hole. Sounds of muttering about the five other jerks that ain't helping can be heard from down below.

I hope these ants will survive until the replacement vial comes. If the dudes ever email me back that is.

Ant Farm massacre

I bought one of those blue goo outerspace ant farms last week and immediately went online to order the ants. I expected them sometime next week, but they arrived today! I was so excited!!! Notice the key word of was. The vial that contained the 25 ants was broken open and most didn't survive the trip. We now have seven highly traumatized ants in the blue goo ant farm.

Pictures later!