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Dance with Magicpointeshoes


This journal is temporarily my blogging home again. My archive is mainly friends only until I can check each entry and see if it belongs in public view. All current entries are friends only. I write only one blog that spans the topics I tend to like to write about. If you want to read the posts only relating to a certain topic, be sure to check my tags list. Unfortunately, I haven't completed tagging my archive either, so not all posts will show up under their proper tags.

I am a stay at home mom to four children: Juliet who is nine, Serafina who is five, Athena (aka Bubbles) who is three and Dennis who is new. I am also mother who relinquished for adoption at birth my son Bj who is fifteen years old.

Homer is my husband, we've been married for fourteen years, but have known each other for sixteen years.

The best way to get to know me is read some of my past entries because this user info page bio really stinks.